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tanning salon services

Bronzed Tanning Studio offers UV and sunless tanning options that will help you look and feel your best. Want a last minute tan before your big event? Our spray tan solutions fully develop in less than 24 hours. For a longer-lasting tan, try our state of the art UV tanning beds and booths that mimic the sun’s natural tanning properties. Additional services include red light therapy and LED teeth whitening, so you can feel beautiful from head to toe.

what to expect at your tanning appointment

Your first time tanning, or even your first time at a new salon, can feel intimidating, so here’s what to expect at your first Bronzed Tanning Studio appointment.

UV tanning

UV tanning beds rely on both UVA and UVB rays to encourage melanin production. Spending 7-12 minutes in a UV tanning bed can improve your mood and energy, in addition to your skin tone. That’s because UV tanning promotes the production of vitamin D and serotonin.

Since UV tanning mimics a natural sun tan, we recommend a couple of appointments per week to maintain your desired shade. You’ll notice your skin darkening in the first 3-5 sessions, however.

sunless tanning

Sunless tanning is a great option for tanners who want quick results or are looking for more control over their tanning shade. UV tanning allows your skin to darken naturally. You can control duration and use tanning lotions to achieve your desired result, but your tan will be dependent on your starting shade and your body’s melanin production.

The shade of your spray tan can be easily adjusted since it causes a temporary change to the surface of your skin.

LED teeth whitening

Whitening your teeth by several shades in 15-20 minutes may seem too good to be true, but with LED teeth whitening at Bronzed Tanning Studio, you can have a brighter smile after just one session. The intense single-wave light from our professional teeth whitening machine accelerates the chemical process of the whitening solution. For under $100 for full service teeth whitening, you can love your smile again.

red light therapy colorado springs

Bronzed Tanning Studio also offers full body red light therapy in Colorado Springs. Red light therapy can reduce the appearance of aging by promoting collagen production, reducing pore size, and minimizing scars and acne. It can also provide pain relief by reducing inflammation. If you have questions about the benefits of red light therapy or want to book an appointment, contact us today.

Schedule Your Tanning Session

We offer walk-in sessions in our UV beds, red light therapy bed and PURA sunless booth; however, we do ask that you schedule your Custom Airbrush Sunless Session and your teeth whitening session.