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Heated Sunless Airbrush

Experience an Evolution in Mobile Sunless with Evolv. The first-ever, heat-infused Airbrush Tanning System, developed by the professionals who brought you the World’s most recognized and trusted Sunless Brands.

Developed by the professionals at Sunless, Inc., the world’s most innovative sunless skincare company, the Sidekick combines advanced chemistry, ground-breaking engineering, and unparalleled convenience to deliver a specially-formulated, vitamin-enriched, fully-customization, warm-my-skin, cool-my-senses, curl-my-toes, change-my-life, are-you-looking-at-me, of-course-you’re-looking-at-me sunless tanning application every time you turn it on.

Your one-of-a-kind Airbrush Tanning Experience begins with your choice of 4 Heat-Activated, Skin Conditioning, Skin Moisturizing or Skin Tanning Solutions.

Sunless, Inc. has developed a full line of one-of-a-kind breakthrough, formulations that have been specifically designed for use with the Evolv. Sidekick’s Heated Application Process. Each tanning formulation is enhanced with Tea Tree, Argan and Grapeseed Oil and contains a combination of Erythrulose and DHA to produce a tan that lasts longer, fades more evenly, and provides a natural color for all skin types and tones.

Sunless Heated Spray Tan Booth

Sunless Heated Spray Tan Booth

Pura Sunless Options:

  • DHA Sunless Solutions: Bronzer and Clear
  • Color Levels: Light, medium, dark and Double Dip (two applications of tanning solution)
  • Additional Skin Care: pH balancer Prep and hydrating Moisturizer
  • Other Sessions: Cocktail Tanning (UV session followed by sunless)

What is the difference between DHA clear and bronzer sunless tanning solutions?

Pura sunless solutions are all made with the same active ingredients — DHA and Erythrulose. They take the same time to fully develop. The only difference is the bronze solutions contain one additional ingredient — cosmetic bronzer — offering an instant and temporary color.

Clear solution is recommended for clients concerned about the cosmetic bronzer transferring to their clothing, sheets or bath towels (prior to the first shower). It is also a good fit for clients who are tanning on their lunch hour, during work hours, or who do not intend on showering before going to bed that evening.

Bronzer solution is recommended for clients who wish to see an immediate bronze color and do not want to wait for the sunless tanner to fully develop. The cosmetic bronzer color is very natural and many clients prefer the instant results.

24 hours after the session the sunless color is fully developed; clear and bronzer solutions offer the same end result. The color from the cosmetic bronzer washes off during the first shower.
















The Sun Capsule Super Sonic

7 Minutes!  That’s right.  A True deep dark 7 minute tan.  But did you expect anything less from the World’s leading manufacturer of vertical tanning equipment?  The Sun Capsule Super Sonic will deliver a tan darker than anything you could imagine from a fluorescent lamp, with the shortest exposure times on the planet.   Once you experience a Super Sonic tan, you will never settle for anything less.

  • Ultimate 7 Minute Standup
  • 220 Watt/54 Lamps
  • Deep, Dark, Head-to-toe Tanning

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