What about my tattoos?  I have heard tanning can make them fade faster?
Yes, any type of tanning or exposure to sunlight can make tattoos fade.  It won’t be instant.  Over the years, the color in a tattoo can fade.  We suggest using a tattoo protectant whether you are in a tanning bed or just swimming.  Use the tattoo protect ant in addition to sunscreen when you are outside. Some  Professional Tanning lotions have tattoo fade protection in them ask at the front desk.

Tattoo sticks, tattoo goo, or a lotion with tattoo protection included.

Do I need to make an appointment to tan?  Should I call ahead?
Of course not!  We welcome anyone interested in tanning or who have already purchased a package at any time during our open hours.

I haven’t tanned in a tanning bed before, or I have never been to a tanning salon.  What should I expect?
Our trained tanning specialist will give you a quick tour of our salon.  We will show you each level of bed, explain what they are, and then guide you to the best way to get the color you are looking for.  You are in good hands here.  We will not let you burn, nor will we force you to try something you aren’t comfortable with.


Will I turn orange?
No, you will not turn orange when you are air brush spray tanned, by hand, by our professionals at Bronzed Tanning Studio.

How long does it last?
5-7 days, depending on how you care for it.  We suggest using lotions to keep you skin moisturized and to prevent your skin from naturally exfoliating itself.  Also, avoid shaving as much as you can for as long as you can.

Do I have to have an appointment?
Yes, we do ask you make an appointment.  We have several time options open.

Do I have to get completely naked?
Only if you are comfortable with it.  If you are planning on wearing something strapless to an event, we suggest a strapless bra or strapless bikini.  Any clothing you do wear, will be a tan line.  Remember, our air brush spray tanning specialist is a professional.  There is no judgment or criticism.  Our goal is to give you the “living by the beach’ sun kissed tan in 10 minutes.  If you do choose to wear a garment for your spray tan, please wash the garments within 24 hours to ensure stain free clothing.

How do I maximize my spray tan?
1. Limit physical activity for 8-12 hours following your tanning session.
2. Do not shower or get wet for at least 8-12 hours after tanning.  DHA continues to react with the amino acids of your skin for up to 12 hours.
3. Use a moisturizer on your skin morning and night between spray tans
4. The time of year will affect your skin, and therefore, your tan.  Keep moisturized.
5. Long hot baths or long showers are great for pre-tan exfoliation, but can cause a tan to fade prematurely. The skin soaks and softens with length of time exposed and this can speed up the exfoliation process. Only use a soft cloth for washing when you are tanned.
6. Pat dry after showering or bathing.  DO NOT RUB.
7. Use a sharp, clean razor with a lubricating product, when shaving.  Hair conditioner works well. (Avoid hair removal products  … Nair, Neet, wax, etc.)
8. Avoid harsh soaps such as deodorant bar soap.
9. Anti-acne products (including Retin-A type products) and makeup removal products may cause tan to fade.
10. Avoid exfoliating scrubs, facial masks, and toners containing alcohol.
11. Swimming in a chlorinated pool or hot tub can cause tan to fade prematurely.  The application of thick waterproof sun block, prior to swimming, may help reduce fading.


Why should I use tanning lotion?
Tanning lotions increase the rate in which you see results from tanning.  In addition to getting darker, faster lotions contain moisturizers to keep your tan longer.  We offer a wide variety.

What is a ‘tinglier’?
A tingle lotion is a more advanced lotion.  It is NOT for the light tanners or inexperienced one.  It will get you very tan, very fast!!  Tingle lotions have tanning solutions that agitate your skin to cause melanin to rise, causing a darker tan.  Note:  The first time you use a tingle lotion, it will fell like a sun burn.  You will be blotchy and red.  You are not actually sun burned.  It is just how it works and will go away after an hour or so.  After using a tingle lotion for a few sessions, the blotchy reaction is diminished and you will only notice a little heat and tingly skin.

My legs are never as dark as the rest of me.  What happened?
When we, women, shave our legs, we exfoliate the top layer of our skin.  We are literally shaving the tan off our legs.